Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Stencil" Me In: Drapes (Part 2 of 3)

OK, so back to the whole dilemma (from yesterday's post) of exactly what/how to change up my curtains. Another idea I've been entertaining - actually stenciling them myself! There are so many options in this category, as opposed to dying them. Not to mention, there are literally endless options when it comes to the actual stencil design and paint color. Here are a few images of inspiration.

Before we get started, I should also mention that a way to keep the costs down for your own DIY custom stenciled curtains is to use painter's drop cloths.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I'm talking the same drop cloths you can purchase at any paint or home improvement store.  They come in various sizes and have a nice weight to them - perfect for drapery.

If your next thought immediately goes to, "...but, I can't sew."  Well, there is a solution for that as well.  Below are two brands of "no-sew" bonding tape, which works perfectly for making that ideal hem, without the whole sewing part.  These can be purchased at any craft store.

Heat n Bond Ultrahold Iron On Adhesive

Stitch Witchery Fusible Bonding Web

OK, let me just first mention that these are not stenciled - but an inspiration for a possible stencil design! The pattern is actually hand-stitched and they are gorg in person. They are from Ballard Designs and while I have loved everything about these for a while now, well except for the cost. The price for 4 - 96" panels (for just 1 of my windows) would be over $800!

Here's another blogger's DIY example of a pattern somewhat similar to the Ballard Designs drapes.

DIY Stenciled Curtains

Not sure if you're aware or not, but when it comes to fabric paints, the selection is a little lack thereof.  There aren't that many colors to choose from, the bottles are small, and the price is large.  So, in doing some research, if you click on this link above, here's the lowdown on how to get a lot of paint for a lot less change. 

Pinned Image
This site has amazing stencils - for all of your design palettes.  They have plenty of stencil supplies as well.

Pinned Image

stencil via
This is yet another place that has a redunkulously amazing selection of stencils!  See more below.

Ikat Pattern no. 2

Damask no. 1

Pinned Image

moroccan stencil



wall stencils

Pinned Image

These look amazing and were done with a custom stencil that matched the store's logo.  The stencil was then spray painted onto the burlap and voila - GORG!

**Free Printable Stencil Pattern Below
Link to This Printable Ikat Stencil Pattern

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