Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Meet my very own Mélange Designs stamp!

As I possibly progress towards and entertain the idea of creating a fun little side business (more like a yummy hobby) associated with this blog - hence the name Mélange Designs - I'm trying to get together all of the fun and necessary start-up items/tools to do so.  Blog name & site - check!  Blog itself - check!  Logo - check!  Now, meet my latest addition; my new and very own, custom, hand-carved LOGO STAMP - check & check! 

This is all in good fun of course; nothing too serious, because I do have a real job, but while I'm at home recovering, what else do I have to do besides looking at and drooling over gorgeous interior design images on the internet?!?  ;)  Now back to the stamp! 

I searched high and low and finally came across this Etsy shop: Brown Pigeon, by Meagan Lewis.  Not only was she amazing to work with, but her hand-carved stamps are such great quality and really speak for themselves!

I simply contacted her, via etsy, and ended up sending her a b&w image of my logo.  After that, she began her magic and let me just tell you, she actually hand-carves these babies, from scratch!  For custom orders, it takes 4-6 business days until you get your proof, via email.  After you approve her proof, she then makes your stamp.  Can I just say what an amazingly beautiful job she does - so talented she is!  Thanks again, Meagan!  It has truly been a pleasure working with you and I cannot be more excited to begin using my new stamp!

Below, are a few pics of my latest addition, for you enjoyment.   

As you can see, Meagan's packaging is simply adorb!

Because I was so excited to see it, I seriously had to hold myself back from ripping this little box open, just so I could take this pic. 

     Top side of stamp, mounted to maple wood.  Your logo (or print) is also sealed onto said wood.

We're talking the epitome of carving perfection and talent, right here!

Here she is - the FINAL image of the stamp on paper - thanks again Meagan!
**Below is the link to Meagan's Etsy Store.**