Monday, March 12, 2012

Claiming My Blog on Bloglovin

Follow Me on Bloglovin - **Just doing a test post on a site I found.** 

OK, with that part out of the way, if you do happen to follow a good deal of blogs (like me), then this is actually a great website for you!  I just discovered it a few days ago and am already thinking, I'm really liking this!
It basically boils down to the following:  You can find and add ALL of the blogs you love and follow, and have them ALL in ONE place!  You won't have to go back and forth, between each and every blog site anymore, just go to your bloglovin account and there she is - all of them.  It will even show and tell you (on the blogs that you follow) which are new posts, that you haven't read yet.  Enjoy!

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