Friday, March 2, 2012

Ballard Designs Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Ballard Designs always seems to have updated versions of interior decor; including indoor/outdoor rugs.  Here's a few that are inspiring to look at.  They would look amazing in your house, on your porch or patio, especially this time of year!  There is no one place they belong, which is always comforting, so feel free to close your eyes and scatter them wherever they shall land. 
Wondering how much they all get along with dogs though....

Striped Braided Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Le Poeme Indoor/Outdoor Rug
I actually do own this rug, so I can give a little personal review on it.  I have the navy blue version and after swooning over it for a while, waiting til there was a sale, plus having an extra coupon, I went in for the kill!  I had already looked at it in the store and was actually surprised at how much this indoor/outdoor rug actually felt like an indoor rug.  It came and in the dining room it went.  I loved the look of it, but quickly realized it and dogs were not the best of friends.  Being hand hooked in a loop also means dog nails pick out these loops.  I've had to do a lot of trimming of the said loops ever since and thus, am officially on the hunt for a better version for our dog friends. 

Crewel Floral Indoor/Outdoor Rug
St. Tropez Indoor/Outdoor Rug - Sunbrella Solid Border

Classic Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Geneve Indoor/Outdoor Rug
I love this rug, especially the pattern, and am seriously considering this being THE replacement.  I'm still unsure as to what color I would go with though.

Marrakesh Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Santorini Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Greek Key Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Navarre Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Farrah Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Oooh, I'm really loving this design as well!  Just not sure about it being made of plastic and the dogs playing nicely together.  Would look amazing on a porch or patio though!

Geometric Border Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Suzanne Kasler Quatrefoil Border Indoor/Outdoor Rug
I'm really loving this pattern as well, and my eye goes right to the top (grey) one.

Zebra Belgique Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Laney Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Grove Indoor/Outdoor Rug

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