Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My NEW J.O.B. - Work it Out!

WHEW, where to start?!?  It's been WAY too long since I last posted - I apologize for that!  I have been one busy girl since my husband I made the decision that I would transition over from my federal career into my new career of Melange Designs full time!

Without getting way too personal on ya - it's not something we had at all planned for.  But, after the numerous surgeries and recommendations/advice from my amazing neurosurgeon at the Mayo Clinic, we quickly realized that I was not going to be able to tolerate (pain-wise) a full-time desk job, or not at this time in my life anyway.  It was one of the toughest decisions, one we prayed long and hard about, but one that God completely led us towards!    

Now, to get back to where I'm at now...  I've really had to hit the ground running and have kept busy with pretty much anything I can get my hands on.  As an appetizer, I'll start with posting a few shots of my very first antique furniture redesign project I worked on.  That's not all I've been working on, but more on that later...

As a side note - each of the pieces I post are for sale, unless otherwise noted as such.  I hope you all enjoy and if you have any questions/comments and/or project inquiries for me, please feel free to contact me!  I can always do custom color requests and/or even paint pieces that you already own. 

**Note: The following piece has already SOLD.
(Sorry for the poor quality of the pics - they were snapped from my phone.)

Antique Lion's Head Pull Side Table

Hand painted in a grey & off white color combo, then hand waxed with clear and dark coats

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