Friday, January 27, 2012

Rugs I lurve!

Everywhere you look, there seems to be yet another swoon-worthy rug that leaves me drooling.  Too bad I don't have that many rooms in my house.  Rugs are so transitional and can change a space instantly.  Here are a few lovelies I've come across lately...


  1. Hey lady! LOVE the new blog. You have such wonderful decorating taste--I think you should come help us decorate our house :) or just pay us a visit! Taking reservations for 2012 in the Williamina B&B----- Would love to see more of you and George this year! XOXO Ashly

    1. Thanks so much, Ash! It'll def take some time to get used to and learn all there is in blog land, but I'm excited about it! I would love to help you with any decorating/design projects you have, just let me know. I especially would lurve to see you guys; I love being able to follow your blog and see how amazing and handsome Mr. Carter is! Love you guys, Kayla